Alaskan Cruise Sketchnotes 2009

In 2009 I went on an Alaskan cruise of the Inside Passage. I captured 28 pages of sketchnotes of my experiences to share with you:

Alaskan Cruise '09: Sketchnotes 01-02

Alaska is almost indescribable. I’ve done my best to capture what I saw, but the best way to experience Alaska is first hand. If you ever have a chance — go.

Enjoy the sketchnotes!

I’ve now posted a set of Alaska ’09 Photos on Flickr as well.

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Washington DC Sketchnotes 2011

I took my brand new Ugmonk premium green leather journal to DC and used it to capture my week as a sketchnote travelogue on 12 pages:

Washington DC Sketchnotes 03-04

See the entire set of Washington DC Sketchnotes on Flickr.

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Travelogue Germany 1995

A twelve episode travelogue, written on my second trip to Germany and Europe to visit my friend Martin and to attend my friends Andi and Karin’s wedding.

More time was spent in fewer locations than the 1993 trip, visiting friends Matthias and Kristina in Hanau, and Matt in Darmstadt. This was also my first experiece at a German wedding, in Bad √úberkingen.

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Travelogue Sketchnotes

Travelogue Sketchnotes

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